Friday, 22 March 2013

The Liebster Award

I'm very pleased to announce that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Rachael Featherstone. Thank you Rachael.
I have it on good authority (Writer Rachael) that the Liebster Award originates in Germany and is a sort of 'pay it forward' for bloggers; a way to get to know other blogs and, in turn, get them knowing you. Sounds like a win-win to me! It's worth noting that the origins of this award seem to be lost in the mists of time. But, no matter, it's a great way to give recognition to other bloggers out there who have fewer than 200 followers and to spur them on to keep blogging. So here are the rules:
Liebster Award Rules
  1. Post the award on your blog (like I'm doing here)
  2. Remember to thank the blogger who nominated you for the award and display a link back to their blog
  3. Write 11 random facts about yourself (this doesn't always appear in the rules but it's a great idea, so let's go with it!)
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers who you believe deserve the award and who have fewer than 200 followers (again, the number of nominations vary as the nominations get passed around. I saw 5 in one blog and 'fewer than 3000 followers' in another!)
  5. Answer the 11 questions asked of you by the presenter (in your case that's me!)
  6. Ask 11 more questions of your nominees
So here we go.
11 Random Facts about Me
  1. My favourite book is The Hours by Michael Cunningham
  2. I love the colour Green
  3. I can't stand nosey people
  4. I've had the same hairdresser for over 30 years
  5. When I was 5 I cut off our neighbour's prize roses with a pen knife (She forgave me)
  6. I never owned a Chopper bike (boy did I want one!)
  7. If I could be anyone else it would be Roger Federer
  8. My first ever drawing at school was of a spider
  9. My favourite place is by the sea
  10. The sound of rain sends me to sleep
  11. My favourite grape is Tempranillo
Rachael's 11 Questions For Me Where:
Q: How long have you been blogging?
A: Since Monday 14th January 2013
Q: Why do you blog?
A: To keep writing. To be creative. To try to say something.

Q: What accomplishment are you most proud of to date?
A: Getting through a mid-life crisis.

Q: What is your biggest fear?
A: Being old and alone.

Q: Who is your favourite author?
A: Christopher Hitchens.

Q: What is your favourite food?
A: Anything Italian!

Q: Where do you most want to go on holiday/travel?
A: That's easy - the USA.

Q: What is your favourite sport?
A: Tennis.

Q: What is your worst habit?
A: Checking I've locked the door 10 times!

Q: Are you planning to do the A-Z Blog Challenge and why?
A: I wasn't, but now you mention it I just might. Why? To see if I can.

Q: What do you most want to accomplish over the next 5 years?
A: I want to be a published writer.
My Nominees for the Liebster Award are:

Art Stuffs
Culture Cocktails
Travels of Note
A Smile Each Day
Let Me Be Frank
Nature Mama Narratives
Creative Objective
An Eye Through My Camera
Diary of a Ywhackabond

And my questions for you are:
  1. If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?
  2. What was your biggest mistake?
  3. What was your happiest moment?
  4. What do you dislike most?
  5. Wine or Beer? Why?
  6. What was your favourite subject at school?
  7. Bach or Beatles? Why?
  8. If you won a million, what would you do with it?
  9. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
  10. Fact or fiction? Why?
  11. If you had one wish for the world, what would it be?
I really look forward to hearing what you have to say. I'll check in on your blogs from time to time. So over to you. I hope you will pay it forward.


  1. Congrats on the Liebster Award! I came across your blog looking over the A to Z participants and would like to follow along.

    Good luck with the challenge!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

  2. Hi Jak, thanks for your comment and for getting involved. I'll pop along to your blog in due course too. Good luck with the A to Z Challenge. Catch you again soon.


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