Monday, 1 April 2013

2013 A to Z Challenge

Well, I've been shamed into taking up the 2013 A to Z Challenge. I resisted for as long as I could, but when I saw the very long list of participants I just had to join these good people. It really is quite a challenge: to blog every day of April following the alphabet - A on April 1, B on April 2 etc...

Out of the 1782 participants I am number 1514 and one rule
is to follow the blogger next in line. That means I will be following:

Byzantium Shores

I've already made contact and intend to offer some words of encouragement during the challenge. Thanks to Jak of Cryton Chronicles for his commitment to do the same for me.


  1. Welcome to the fold, my friend! Appreciate the thanks and follow. Now let's hope we don't get burnt out lol I am accustomed to posting once a week, so it should be interesting.

  2. Yes Jak, I've only just started blogging so it's a big change for me. But it's a way of keeping writing. Let's keep at it.


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