Saturday, 27 April 2013

X is for Scrabble (A-Z Challenge)

I'm pretty poor at Scrabble and almost always get beat by my wife who, let's face it, is pretty smug about that!! My solution is not to play under any circumstances. But I've just done my research and am ready for those times when I'm left, at the end of a game, with with just an X and another letter. Here are some two letter X words that are legal in Scrabble and will impress my wife and I won't feel like such a loser!

Xu - A coin from South Vietnam and a sub unit of a Dong - I kid you not!
Ax - A tool or weapon. You don't need an 'e' on the end - honest!
Ex - A colloquial term - 'Ex-Wife' (if she beats me again at Scrabble).
Ox - As in Cattle!
Xi - The fourteenth letter of the Greek alphabet.

They are all worth 9 points. Which isn't much use to me as I'm usually about 50 points behind towards the end of a game!

Any other two letter X words out there?

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  1. I play Scrabble on FB against my mom all the time. So far she hasn't been able to beat me (a close game or two, though), but I use Xi a lot.

    Just read another blog entry for X with the word Xyst, so I am really hoping to be able to use that one lined up with either another word and/or double/triple word count :)

    Good luck surprising the Mrs. the next time you play!


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