Wednesday, 24 April 2013

U is for Utah Drinking Laws (A-Z Challenge)

When I went to Utah about a year ago I was amazed to find you could not, generally, get a nice cold beer (in the 40 Celcius heat) in any bar/restaurant, unless it accompanied food. This was very strange to me, coming from the UK. I love a nice Bud!

So I was really glad to find a roadside establishment, with great seating outside, getting around the Utah alcohol laws by giving its customers free food if you ordered a beer (or other alcoholic drink). What a lifesaver it was.

What a strange law! A beer is the same with or without a few nachos and dips thrown in for free.

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  1. Never heard of that. Being I don't drink, I am not sure what the laws are here with that. I go to the bar with friends, and naturally that is no big deal. Restaurant-wise, though, I guess I've never paid attention.

    I know a lot of bars serve free peanuts and pretzels sometimes :)


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