Thursday, 11 April 2013

J is for Jargon (A-Z Challenge)

Today's blog is about business JARGON....

Annoying jargon in the workplace to be exact. It's amazing what we will say in the workplace that we wouldn't dream of saying at home. Here are some examples, which annoy me greatly! What about you?

The limit of your ability. "Excuse me darling, do you mind taking the rubbish out today, only I don't have the bandwidth" - I don't think so!!

Boots on the Ground
Referring to employees sent to a location to do project work of some kind. I've heard this so many times in the office, it drives me mad!

Reducing the size of the workforce - redundancy. Say no more.

Making an estimate - "Can you give me a ballpark figure?" I have to admit I use this quite a lot myself, and it annoys me!

A face to face meeting. What's wrong with just MEETING?

Touch Base
Don't you just hate this one? One to be avoided if you have any self respect. Why not just say "I'll contact you". Then you wouldn't sound like a complete and utter t*%£

Blue-sky Thinking
I'm not even going to grace this with an explanation.

Thinking Outside the Box

Muppet Shuffle
My personal favourite - Getting rid of underperforming employees and passing them onto another unsuspecting department!

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  1. Just a few days ago a friend was expressing their hate for the the word Guesstimate. I personally love it!

    I'm unfamiliar with a good handful of your listed jargon. I'd have to say the bandwidth one would annoy me :)


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