Saturday, 20 April 2013

R is for Red, White and Blue (A-Z Challenge)

"In America your internationalism can and should be your patriotism" (Christopher Hitchens "On Becoming American", Atlantic Monthly , May 2005)


Is there any depth to which those who hate freedom will not sink in their futile attempt to kill and maim innocent human beings in the name of an ideology, political belief or religion? It's all so sickeningly familiar, isn't it? I almost feel sorry for the sad, intellectually bankrupt individuals and groups who continue to think that atrocity is a means to an end. How ironic that the land of the free is attacked from within by people who are fortunate enough to have been accepted and nurtured by a society built by immigrants. But how wonderful to see the good people of Boston come out onto the streets to celebrate and give thanks as peace was once again restored through blood, sweat and tears. These are the people who know what freedom is; a freedom that will be strengthened and cherished all the more, with every new attempt to destroy it.

Boston, all right-minded people throughout the world will stand with you.

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  1. Had everyone remained hidden and closed up, the goals of the attackers would have been more fully met.


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